House Rules

Altered Clan Weaknesses:


As well as the no reflection-thingy which is not all together bad the vampires of Clan Lasombra find it completely impossible to awake during day where other Kindred could roll for it. This is because they inherently shun the light even more than other vampires. They do not take extra damage from sunlight as per the cannon rules however.


In addition to bloodbounding and strict Clan hierarchy which is more of a social quirk than an actual inherent curse of the blood I have decided to give the Tremere a real weakness. Due to their being “artificial” vampires they cannot sire childer. At least not in the normal way…


You cannot soak sunlight or fire. At all. Not even with Fortitude.

The Beast and Frenzy:

When Vampire frenzies the power of his primal beast is unleashed. He gains +1 dot to all physical disciplines (Fortitude, Potence, Celerity) This special bonus can bypass the normal generation limit.

House Rules

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