Gallows Pact

The Gallows Pact is a loose coalition of vampire warlords with the simple aim of keeping the expansion of the other two major vampire factions in France at bay. The Warlords are concerned with losing their autonomy and the power over their individual domains. They cling to the traditional model of the warlord being the ultimate authority over his own domain without having to answer to any form of bureaucratic hierarchy or faction.

The Pact was made in 1156 making it the youngest of the three major vampire factions in France. The controls all territory south of Tours. Light red area on map. The instigators of Pact were primarily the old Toreadors who historically held power in France. They were concerned with the sudden influx of Ventrue and others into what they consider their ancestral homeland. Other “old guard” traditionalist Cainites have since joined.

Poitiers is where the involved warlords usually meet and discuss things. Some go so far as calling it the faction’s HQ.

Notable members:


Gallows Pact

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