Warlord of the Gallows Pact and Prince of Poitiers


Rufus is of Clan Nosferatu and he is not shy about it. Indeed he seems to take a almost perverse delight in the reactions his foul appearance causes.

Rufus is a short plumb and completely hairless man with a hunchback. He has abnormally long arms and fingers and short stubby legs. His eyes are piss-yellow with the right being significantly larger than the other. It continuously leeks a thick white puss. Rufus’s skin is a sick greenish color reminiscent of mold, is dry and itchy and constantly flakes. Rufus’ mouth is far too wide for the rest of his face and filled with yellow shark-like teeth. He speaks in raspy voice and occasionally coughs up blackish goo. He is dressed in earthly colored rags with a multitude of pockets.

Rufus often cracks jokes and generally has a big mouth (no pun intended). He also has a flair for drama.



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