Battle of the Ancients

Session 1

The Count is dying

The party were dispatched by their local lord Alvaro Serrano of Blois to stop the dying ruler of the strategically important county of Galtre from giving his lands to the church in order to gain ablution. The prince knows the church to be manipulated by his rivals and has sent the party to take care of the situation.

Masking themselves as emissaries of a friend of the Count of Galtre the party got into a heated argument with Count’s young son who asked them to leave. One thing led to another and the party ended up killing the poor guard escorting them out. This led to them coming face to face with a mysterious female Cainite in the castle hallway. She seemed diplomatic so the party ended up coming willingly. One member also spilled the beans regarding who there employer were. They are now chained up in the castle basement wondering what to do next.


AskeSparrebro AskeSparrebro

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