Battle of the Ancients

Session 2
Showdown for the county

The players were freed from the basement by their contact Eustache Dampierre‘s ghoul Phillip. Upon escaping it come to battle between the party and the female Cainite named Karin who posed as the wife of the Count’s son Alfred. After a epic fight Karin was defeated and Diablerized by Otto Von Schöenhausen. Due to the euphoria of act however Otto went temporarily out of his mind and assaulted his fellow Coterie-members and drained one of them to the point of torpor before regaining consciousness. As it turned out the counts son Alfred was also a Cainite being the childe of Karin. Via fleshcraft the party transformed themselves into copies of castle guards in order to launch a surprise attack on Alfred. After having staked him successfully they took the nobleman as well as their torpid comrade to the castle dungeon. After having Alfred giving out sensitive info under heavy fleshcraft torture he too were Diablerized by the female Brujah of the party.

The party then proceeded to Bloodbond Phillip the ghoul to themselves and remake him into a copy of the deceased Alfred in order to have him inherit the lands the titles while secretly being bloodbound to them. The party then stealthily murdered the dying actual Count by causing a heart-attack via fleshcraft. Moments later they discover that the priest to whom the lands originally had been promised had escaped with the Counts official seal and a the signed will giving the lands to the church. The party tracked the priest to a monastery at the edge of the county but were ambushed by the monks. The following combat attracted local lupines who raided the location while the two remaining partymembers escaped and hid from the danger of the angry werewolves.

After returning to the site after the departure of the lupines the players found that a Cainite had been making his haven in the monastery’s catacombs. After having looted the place the players followed their mark though a escape-tunnel and lost track of him in a clearing in the nearby forest where signs of battle led them to think yet another Supernatural entity of some kind was involved in his disappearance.

They then returned to the castle to lord over the county with Phillip posing as the newly instated count Alfred while waiting for the fallen comrade to awake from torpor. Their instructions from the Prince were to stay put and await further orders.

Session 1
The Count is dying

The party were dispatched by their local lord Alvaro Serrano of Blois to stop the dying ruler of the strategically important county of Galtre from giving his lands to the church in order to gain ablution. The prince knows the church to be manipulated by his rivals and has sent the party to take care of the situation.

Masking themselves as emissaries of a friend of the Count of Galtre the party got into a heated argument with Count’s young son who asked them to leave. One thing led to another and the party ended up killing the poor guard escorting them out. This led to them coming face to face with a mysterious female Cainite in the castle hallway. She seemed diplomatic so the party ended up coming willingly. One member also spilled the beans regarding who there employer were. They are now chained up in the castle basement wondering what to do next.


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